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Pediatric Eye Prosthesis 

“After a injury to my daughters eye, I never thought a prosthesis would look so real!”


Pediatric Eye Prosthesis 

“We love our daughter’s prosthesis. You guys are the best!”


Bilateral Eye Prosthesis 

“My wife and friends tell me my prosthetic eyes are amazing. They feel comfortable and move just like my eyes used to.”


Orbital Prosthesis Reconstruction

“The drive to get the best there is was so worth it to me and my family. I will be forever indebted to what they were able to do for me.”


Orbital Prosthesis with Sinus Cavity Reconstruction

“Everyone is amazed at how real it looks, people can’t tell it’s a prosthesis. I love it!” 


Nose Prosthesis (Nasal Prosthetic Reconstruction)

“When I walk into a room, no one stares.”


Nose Prosthesis (Nasal Prosthetic Reconstruction)

“I was so excited about my new nose that I missed my turnoff and was delayed hours getting home because I could not stop looking at it! Thank you! ”


Nose Prosthesis (Nasal Prosthetic Reconstruction)

“I just wanted to thank you again for giving me back my life. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk into a room and no one takes a second look.”


Nose Prosthesis (Nasal Prosthetic Reconstruction)

“My family was amazed at my transformation. So was I. This clinic is the best! ”

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